We Love Our Dogs

The founders of Scent Tek share more than 40 years experience in business management, hospitality and pest management businesses. The unique combination of experience provides the foundation for Scent Tek, an independent specialized canine bed bug inspection firm serving property managers, hoteliers and residential consumers in Northern California since 2009. We provide the most effective and immediate methods of bed bug detection using dogs in the industry.

The cornerstone of Scent Tek is integrity. Our clients know they can trust us to provide an unbiased independent assessment of a bed bug problem. Through our community involvement with CAA, SFAA, NARPM, PCOC and NPMA we stay on top of the latest developments in bed bug research and field applications. We understand our customers needs and strive to deliver our solution with enlightened service.

Our biggest asset after our customers is our dogs. The Sherlock Hounds. Our dogs are rescues that each handler adopts as a pet and provides a safe and healthy home. They are specially and rigorously trained to become a Sherlock Hound. They are certified twice per year and train daily to be on the top of their game. Each Sherlock Hound and handler is specially matched and an unbeatable team.


One of the Scent Tek founders, Kevin grew up in the Bay Area and has lived here all his life. He loves dogs, San Francisco and winemaking. Before founding Scent Tek, he was a business owner, general manager and services consultant. While working in the pest control industry, he was introduced to bed bugs. It was the customer reaction to bed bugs that inspired the need for Scent Tek.


Brent, like his brother Kevin, is a Scent Tek founder. Before starting Scent Tek with Kevin, Brent was a business owner and a financial consultant to many Silicon Valley start-ups. He lives in Millbrae with his wife Erin, their two daughters, and four dogs. Larry, Moe, Curly, and Blue. He enjoys golf, fly-fishing, backpacking, and landscaping.

Scent Tek is proud to release its new book:

How to Prevent the Attack of Bed Bugs!

Inside you will find this book offers no-nonsense, easy-to-implement strategies to keep you and your family sleeping peacefully. Just because bed bugs are back doesn't mean you have to invite them home.

We Have 100 5-Star Reviews
"Scent Tek people are very professional. I left a message on a Sunday morning, and I got a call back in 4 hours. They were on time and always very courteous during house visits."
Betti S., Belmont CA

"A week after the second treatment, Brent and Curly came back and gave us the all-clear that our home was bug free. Both times they were at our home exactly when they said they would be."
Kimberly B., Half Moon Bay, CA

"The guys of Scent Tek were very professional, friendly, and helpful!"
Kyle T., San Francisco, CA

"After the visit, the brothers followed up with an email and an invoice for the services right away. Recommended if you have any doubts about bed bugs - the peace of mind is priceless!"
Lisa K., San Francisco, CA