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Residential Bed Bug Dog Inspection Services

From condominium units to townhomes to multi-story single family homes, Scent-Tek inspects every room in the house in the case that bed bugs are suspected. Homeowners need responsive and reliable service and this is never more true than when it concerns bed bugs.

We will prepare a custom scope of work for any project or service at your request. Our basic inspection scope of work is:

  • Interview the resident to determine their experience so far to help determine the nature of the problem.
  • The inspection team will inspect all bedroom furniture, living area furniture, perimeter including baseboards and electrical and phone terminals. Luggage, back packs, clothing etc is also included.
  • Any alerts will be noted and best efforts used to obtain physical evidence.
  • Advice may be discussed about the homeowner’s next steps whether bed bugs are found or not.
  • Inspection reports are sent electronically.

We provide bed bug inspections to all nine counties of the greater bay area.

All different types of homes may be affected by bed bugs which can be extremely difficult to find, especially if you have no prior experience with them, which is the case for most people.

Scent-Tek’s canine inspections are the most reliable tool available to the homeowner to determine whether or not they are experiencing a bed bug problem, which is important since early and correct identification can save money on treatment.


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