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Sherlock Hounds

Scent Tek exclusively employs Sherlock Hounds. Our canine inspectors undergo rigorous training and handling to reach the Sherlock Hound standard. The process begins by finding a friend in need of rescue that displays the discipline, intelligence, and nose required to become a member of our team. We then provide our candidate with a full ride scholarship to Florida Canine Academy home of the Bedbug Dog program or to Falco K9 Academy home to the Bed Bug Dog Association to begin training regimen.

Expert Trainers
Bill Whitstine is a Certified Master Trainer, Owner and Director of the Florida Canine Academy. This academy trains bomb, drug, bedbug, mold and accelerant detection canine teams. Bill has been featured on over nine television shows, including several segments on the Animal Planet and The Discovery Channel. He became a leader in the field of canine training in 1989. Bill is the founding president of the Canine Accelerant Detection Association (international) as well as the International Termite Detector Dog Association.

Andy Falco is a Certified Master Trainer, the President of Falco Enterprises, Inc. and the Director of Falco K9 Academy. Andy has been working with Police Scent Detection Dogs since 1986. The Falco K9 Academy trains bomb, drug and bed bug dogs. He has taken everything he has learned over twenty five years to improve the way dogs are trained today. In short, he has created a more effective and humane form of training for both the dog and handler. “I am proud of the fact that we are more human trainers than dog trainers. I truly believe that makes us far more effective than the other guys and gals.” Andy is founder of Bed Bug Dog Association.

Industry-Recognized Certified Bed Bug Detection Dog
Our Certified Master Trainers have established the most widely recognized bed bug detecting dog and handler certification processes in the nation. They are known as the Bed Bug Dog Program and Bed Bug Dog Association. Sherlock Hounds training exceeds the NPMA Best Practices Standard. Sherlock Hounds are certified twice per year by third party certifiers.

This hard working young lady is the daughter of an Australian Shepherd and a Cattle Dog. She was found in an alley being kicked around by some young boys then rescued and rehabilitated by the Youngblood’s of Millbrae. She applied and was accepted to the Florida Canine Academy and is in the graduating class of 2009. Upon graduation she was recruited by the Sherlock Hounds of Scent Tek.

This eager and fun loving guy is the son of a Dachsund and a Kelpie. He was abandoned in Los Angeles and in poor health before being adopted by Scent Tek. He attended Falco K9 Academy and was honored by being inducted into the Bed Bug Dog Association as well as being a certified Sherlock Hound. He is very intelligent and eager to find bed bugs.

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